Why Should I See My Local Orthodontist?

Byrne Orthodontics has been in business for over 40+ years, but what makes us different from other orthodontic providers? You can receive alignment care from online services, dentists, and corporate companies, but there are advantages to seeing an in-person, family-owned practice. So, if you’re in the market for orthodontia and wonder, “Why Should I See My Local Orthodontist?” Keep reading!

In-Person Orthodontist Vs. Online 

Orthodontic care is a specialized field that focuses on diagnosing, preventing, and treating dental and facial irregularities. While both in-person orthodontists and online providers offer orthodontic solutions, in-person professionals have a clear advantage of hands-on care!

Seeing an orthodontist near you means that you’ll have a team of professionals doing all the work for you—no orthodontic DIY tasks for you to do! For example, many online companies send an at-home mold impression kit and request images of your mouth for an initial assessment. While this provides some information, they’re missing a lot of important details! Your mouth must be healthy before, during, and after orthodontic treatment, and sometimes, issues lie under the surface. Digital providers risk moving teeth that aren’t ready to be moved without X-rays and an in-person exam. Unfortunately, this could lead to unnecessary pain or complications during treatment! 

At Byrne Orthodontics, we ensure precision and create personalized treatment plans for the safest experience and best outcome possible.  

Why Should I See My Local Orthodontist?
Close-up of dentist using mirror while checking dental braces on back side of patient’s teeth at dentist’s office.

Multiple Treatment Options Available

Online providers and dentists that offer orthodontic treatment typically only provide one option — clear aligners. Though we love and use clear aligners at Byrne Orthodontics, we also understand they’re not the best route for everybody. We are proud also to have the following effective treatments for patients who don’t want or qualify for clear aligners.

  • Metal braces are a traditional orthodontic solution known for their durability and effectiveness. Comprising stainless steel brackets and wires, they offer precise teeth alignment for various dental irregularities. Over the years, advancements have made them more comfortable and less noticeable.
  • Ceramic braces blend seamlessly with the natural color of teeth. Made from high-quality ceramic materials, they offer the same strength as metal braces but with a more aesthetic appeal. Ideal for those seeking effective teeth alignment without the metallic look, ceramic braces provide both functionality and aesthetics.
  • Incognito Lingual Braces are a cutting-edge orthodontic solution placed behind the teeth, making them virtually invisible to others. They offer precise teeth alignment with the utmost discretion, providing effective treatment while remaining hidden from view. 

Treatment For All Ages

Byrne Orthodontics happily caters to patients of every age group. From the high energy of youth to the wisdom of senior years, we tailor our treatment plans to meet the unique needs of each life stage. 

Most people aged seven and up with healthy teeth and gums can receive orthodontic care if needed, regardless of the year they were born! However, many online providers, and even some dentists, only treat patients 18+. Sometimes, they might tackle younger patients who have lost all their baby teeth, but at Byrne Orthodontics, age is just a number; what truly matters is the journey to a confident smile. The whole family can be conveniently treated in one place with orthodontists you know and trust!

Investing In Our Community

At Byrne Orthodontics, we are lucky and honored to be a part of and serve such a fantastic community. We take pride in giving back to an area that does so much for our families and us beyond transforming smiles. Our practice supports incredible local sports, educational, and other extracurricular organizations. 

After-school programs and sports organizations give people of all ages a place to belong, have fun, and learn invaluable life lessons and skills that can be life-changing! Every visit with us allows us to maintain those relationships and continue doing the good we love to do.

Why Should I See My Local Orthodontist?

You’re Not Just A Patient. You’re Family.

When you become a patient of our multi-generational, locally-owned business, you don’t just become another case file or name on a corporate list. You become a member of the Byrne Orthodontics family. 

From the moment you have your first phone call with us to your final appointment, we strive to provide the excellent customer service and healthcare you expect for you and your family. Dr. Byrne and Dr. Pinckney give every patient personalized treatment plans and all the necessary information to make informed decisions and feel relaxed and confident during their time in our care.

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