Straighten Your Smile the Classic Way

At Byrne Orthodontics, we use classic metal braces to create stunning smiles for all ages. Dr. Byrne and Dr. Pinckney customize your brace treatment to give you a path to a lifetime of healthy teeth you can show off with confidence.

All About Metal Braces

Metal braces are known for their strength and effectiveness, and the modern design is more comfortable than in years past. That gives you a better experience as you straighten your smile.

Dr. Byrne and Dr. Pinckney can assess your needs to create a personalized treatment for a beautiful, healthy smile. This time-tested orthodontic solution can transform your smile and boost your confidence.

What to Expect With
Classic Braces

They use constant force to shift your teeth gently and can effectively correct nearly any oral issues you encounter. Here's how they work:

Bracket & Wire System

Metal braces are small, sturdy stainless steel brackets attached to your teeth. These brackets act as anchors for the orthodontic treatment. A flexible and bendable metal wire called the archwire, connects these brackets.

Controlled Pressure

The archwire exerts a gentle, consistent pressure on your teeth. Your orthodontist carefully calibrates this pressure to move your teeth into their desired positions. As a result, your teeth will shift and align, creating a more harmonious and functional bite.

Regular Adjustments

Getting a straight smile requires teamwork. Periodic adjustments by Dr. Byrne or Dr. Pinckney ensure your treatment progresses smoothly. During these appointments, we may replace or adjust the archwire to continue guiding your teeth toward optimal alignment.

Addressing Oral Issues

One of the best features of metal braces is their versatility. They can effectively correct most orthodontic issues, including crowded teeth, gaps, overbites, underbites, and crossbites.

No matter how complex your dental situation is, Dr. Byrne and Dr. Pinckney can customize metal braces to give you a beautiful smile.

Guided Movement

Metal braces work by capitalizing on the natural process of bone remodeling. As pressure is applied to your teeth, bone cells break down and rebuild around your teeth. This allows your teeth to shift into new positions while maintaining a healthy and solid foundation.

Compliance & Care

While metal braces do much of the heavy lifting, your active participation is essential for success. Following our instructions regarding oral hygiene, dietary restrictions, and wearing elastics (if prescribed) will keep your treatment on track.

Gradual Transformation

As the treatment progresses, you'll notice changes in your smile. Your teeth will gradually shift into better alignment, and you'll see the results of your commitment to the process.

The Big Smile Reveal

Once your treatment plan is complete, the moment you've been waiting for arrives. Dr. Byrne or Dr. Pinckney will remove your braces, revealing your stunning new smile. Your hard work and patience pay off when you see your dazzling new smile!

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The Benefits of
Traditional Braces

Braces have been a reliable and popular orthodontic choice for decades, transforming smiles and boosting self-confidence. At Byrne Orthodontics, we're proud to offer this effective solution for getting beautifully aligned teeth. Here are the key benefits of metal braces:


Traditional braces have a long history of successfully treating many orthodontic issues. Metal braces can deliver remarkable results if you're dealing with crowding, misalignment, bite problems, or more complex cases.

Reliable Alignment

Metal braces use a combination of brackets and archwires to guide your teeth into their optimal positions. This gives us precise and controlled tooth movement, ensuring that your bite and smile work well and look great.


One of the standout advantages of metal braces is their versatility. They can address various dental concerns, making them suitable for children, teens, and adults seeking orthodontic treatment.

Strong & Durable

The stainless steel brackets and wires we use are exceptionally durable. They can withstand the forces required to shift teeth into alignment, making them a durable and long-lasting option.

Predictable Results

Dr. Byrne or Dr. Pinckney can accurately predict and plan the treatment with metal braces. This predictability allows for more precise treatment planning and reliable outcomes.


Traditional braces are often more budget-friendly than some other orthodontic options. They can be an excellent choice for an effective treatment that fits your budget.

Faster Treatment Times

Metal braces can provide your desired results faster than other alternatives. Your orthodontist will assess your needs and determine the length of your treatment.

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Great for All Ages

Patients of all ages can benefit from braces, from children to adults. No matter when you start your orthodontic journey, our experts can help you get the smile you want.

Get a Straighter Smile With Metal Braces

At Byrne Orthodontics, we know that a confident smile can impact your life. With the guidance of Dr. Byrne, Dr. Pinckney, and our skilled team, you can start your orthodontic journey.

Schedule your free consultation in Saratoga Springs to learn more about the benefits of metal braces and how they can align your smile.